Maybe you're not ready to work with a publicist for a full-out campaign, but you need help. I LOVE working with people one-on-one as a consultant. We will focus on your priorities which may include: how to get on morning TV, how to plan out a tour to maximize press opportunities, how to reach the people who will buy tickets to your shows, how to prepare for a radio interview, how to GET a radio interview on your own. Do you look like a band when you walk around a conference? Do you have a sweet email newsletter that keeps you in touch with your fans in the best way possible - directly?! Do you want some help with your personal brand? You don't have to be an artist for this, everyone is putting out their personal brand into the world and I'd love to help you get some clarity and make plans to take action to hit your goals. Get crystal clear about what’s working against you and how to shift that to grow your business, increase your income, and define the level of impact and influence you want to have in your market and in the world. Leave the session with a specific plan of the top 3 actions (and more if you like) that you need to take to create the career you've been dreaming about! Please note that I have studied Life Coaching with Erickson Coaching International so you’re in good hands.

Investment - for a $160 session you'll walk away with instructions on how to DIY your own publicity for what you'd pay someone else $2,000+ to do. Many clients return once or twice per month until they're ready to hire their own publicist!

I'm available to work with people from anywhere in the world. We can Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, talk on the phone, text and email. I'm old fashioned and do prefer an in-person get together whenever possible but when it's not, we've got many ways to communicate! Rates are the same:

*1 Hour - $160+GST

*30 minute - $95 + GST

*15 minutes - $55 + GST


The goal within a campaign is to get as many story-rich, on-point, and positive media stories as possible, featuring you in exactly the way you and I plan! I'll help you to draw out the best way to tell your story and to attract some public attention to build some buzz. There are lots of people who would be interested in what you're doing…if only they knew about it. We'll work together to create an innovative publicity campaign that makes an impact, gets press hits, and brings people to your event.  

I help with strategy, press kits, newsletters, and photo/video shoots; I create media advisories and media releases, communicate with TV, radio, print and online media, consult on press conferences and events, invite special guests and government officials, coordinate media bookings, provide media training, and more. I love collaborating and welcome clients with team members who will be involved in the campaign. 

Please inquire about your campaign early in your planning process - ideally 6-12 months in advance of a release, 3-6 months in advance of a tour. If you are planning a release in less than 3 months or your album is already out, it's unlikely that I can help you this time.

*Rates average $1750 per month for an average of 3 months


For small business owners who do not have in-house marketing specialists, or just want another set of eyes on your business, hire me to be your temporary Marketing Director. The check-up includes

  • introductory meeting to sort out where you are and where you’d like to go, and what will be the best ROI for you with this time - this is all about YOU and your business

  • full site visit where I come to your business/office/restaurant/spa/business to tangibly experience the product/service you are offering

  • review of all digital assets (website, social media, industry association membership), and all communication pieces (newsletters, advertisements, etc)

  • a ‘prescription’ of marketing strategies and tasks designed just for you, to help you make more money, and reach your business goals

  • follow-up meeting to review results and refine recommendations

    Investment $995 + travel expenses outside of Saskatoon + GST


Now in development and scheduled for release in 2019, online courses on:

  • How to Write a Press Release that Kicks A$$

  • When to Send a Press Release

  • Ask for What You Want!

  • Easy Ways to Plan Your Campaign

  • What NOT to do for your Photo Shoot

  • Build an EPK That Gets Press Action

  • How to Pitch to Media

  • How to do a TV Interview

  • Improve your Industry Reputation

  • Finding and Receiving Grant Money to make Art

  • 7 Ways to Build Buzz This Week

  • and more

Photo by Lisa Landrie

Photo by Lisa Landrie